The Top 4 Benefits of Carbon Steel Forgings

2016 January12

Carbon steel forgings are used in a variety of industries. The metal is iron based. Applications where carbon steel forgings are mainly used are in the piping industry.

Grades of Metal

The metal comes in four grades, which have different levels of hardness, strength, and wear endurance. Low grades of carbon steel serve as a quality choice because they have a higher level of strength and are not as brittle. The medium grades are mainly used in applications that have a lot of wear. High grades are harder and more resilient because of their higher content level of alloys. The higher grades are more brittle and receive a unique process to heat-treat them.

Options for Forged Steel Rings

A forged steel rings manufacturer is going to give you many options when you are looking for the right products for your business. You can get forged steel rings in multiple grades and you can get them in multiple sizes.

High Wear Applications

Forgings are used in high wear applications because the metal can withstand a high level of resistance. Some applications where it is commonly used are bushings, components for machinery, parts for oil rigs, and equipment used in mining. Forgings are also used on parts for railroads, shafts, gears, and automobiles.

Forged Shapes

Forged shapes are machined to use in seamless rolled rings, discs, flanges, blocks, and hubs. Products are designed to meet industry level specifications. Some custom work is completed according to length and size. As a quality forged rings manufacturer, we can meet your specifications for the products you need.

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