The Top 5 Standards of High Quality ASME Nozzle Forging

2014 October24

Forged Components’ products carry a unique set of advantages for ASME nozzle forging as compared to our competitors. With over a decade of experience in the forging industry, Forged Components’ system for integral self-reinforced connections and manufacturing facilities are set up for quality production.

Ways to Spot Verifiable Pressure Vessel Connection Manufacturing

  1. Check to make sure the connections are manufactured with ASME compliance. At Forged Components, our connections are in compliance with:
  • ASME Section II
  • Section VIII
  • 1
  • ASME B16.5

Additional products are available to meet requirements that match other ASME section codes and standard codes.

  1. Materials should meet the specifications of ASME and ASTM. As a global pressure vessel connection manufacturing company, we ensure full traceability. It is part of our system of quality. The standard of materials for forged products is carbon steel SA105. We also offer the ability to furnish other steels and alloys upon request.
  2. Bores must match to Sch. 80 pipe. By setting up bores in this way, we eliminate turbulence and corrosion for Heavy Barrel “HB” and Intermediate Barrel “I” connections that are 12” and smaller. With sizes 14” and higher, the bores are equal to the flange/pipe size.
  3. There is a standard facing that matches ASME requirements, which is ASME B16.5. This face is 0.06” and includes thickness and length for connections in Class 150 and 300 ranges. For classes 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 of connections, the length of 0.25” is included with the length, but not in the thickness.
  4. The heat treatment for all connections that are standard with a Class 300 rating and more includes a normalized condition. We match the requirements of ASME Section II, but other requirements are available for heat treatment upon request.

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