2014 December19

Top Benefits of Using ASME Section VIII Division 1 Vessel Manufacturers for Forged Vessel Components

When working in the field of construction and piping, the proper materials can make or break a job. By using forged vessel components from Forged Components, you eliminate a number of issues that existed with the old built-up construction connections. ...

2014 October24

The Top 5 Standards of High Quality ASME Nozzle Forging

Forged Components’ products carry a unique set of advantages for ASME nozzle forging as compared to our competitors. With over a decade of experience in the forging industry, Forged Components’ system for integral self-reinforced connections and manufacturing facilities are set up for quality production.

2014 May22

Are One-Piece Integrally Forged Connections Stronger than Multi Piece Components?

Yes. Integrally forged nozzles forged vessel components and long weld neck flanges are significantly stronger because