Types of Pressure Vessels

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2017 September25

Types of Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels, such as pressure vessel flanges and nozzles, are some of the most common equipment used in processing and manufacturing. Though pressure vessels have a variety of uses in a wide range of industries, there are three primary types:

Storage Tanks

The most common type of pressure vessel stores liquids and gases for industrial processes. Storage tanks usually store utilities such as fuel oil, material that will be used later in a process–such as liquefied hydrogen and chlorine, or finished products like compressed natural gas. Tanks are commonly manufactured using carbon steel, but the material can vary based on the product being stored and the exterior environment.

Process Vessels

Process vessels are used to remove, combine, agitate, or break down products in a controlled environment. Process vessels come in four sub-types:

  • Drums are the most basic kind of process vessel and are usually used to let vapor escape or to collect byproducts during a process
  • Reactors use catalysts or agitators to create a desired reaction in the vessel.
  • Columns use mass transfer devices to facilitate mass transfer or mass separation processes.
  • Gravity separators are vessels that divide streams of mixed-phase material, such as separating fluids from vapors.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers transfer heat from one medium to another to properly store a product, optimize energy use, or facilitate a specific process. The shell and tube, the most common type of heat exchanger used in large chemical processes, transfers heat through a bundle of tubes within a pressurized shell. One type of liquid runs through the tubes while another liquid flows over the tubes, thus transferring heat between the two fluids.

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