Pressure vessel connection companies

What Are Some of the Uses for Pressure Vessels?

A pressure vessel is basically a container designed to keep a liquid or gas under high pressure. Some examples of common pressure vessels are propane tanks for your home gas grill, the tank for the air compressor in your garage, or a hot water tank, but here are some general uses of these pressure vessels for industrial purposes:

Pressure vessel connection companies

Storage Vessels

This is the most common use for pressure vessels: storing liquid or gases such as petroleum products, chemicals, or even air or water at high pressure. All storage vessels are created so that a particular product can be safely stored that would be compromised if it is exposed to another element or the air outside of the vessel.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are another very common pressure vessel. Heat is often a waste product that needs to be removed from an industrial process, or is needed in order to make a chemical process possible. Heat exchangers allow heat to be removed from one process and used for another, separate, process.

Process Vessels

A process vessel is a pressure vessel where a process (such as chemical reactions) are performed which result in a fundamental change in the overall contents in that pressure vessel. These can be processes such as combining one or more products together to create a new product, breaking down a product into a one or more different products, removing aspects of an existing product to create something else.

Fractional Distillation

This is a type of process vessel that is used to separate a mixture, typically some sort of chemical compound, by heating it until one part (or fraction) of the mixture vaporizes through the distillation process. This process works for complex chemicals or mixtures because different elements within a mixture have different boiling points.

Pressure Reactors

Pressure reactors force chemical reactions under pressure because they can conduct a reaction that needs to be above the boiling point of the solvent.

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