What Are the Advantages to using Integrally Forged Connections?

2013 December2

We are one of the only ASME pressure vessel forging companies that make complete one-piece forged nozzles, forged vessel components and long weld neck flanges. By being a pressure vessel components manufacturer that integrally reinforces its forged connection FCI can pass on several advantages to its clients, especially the elimination of the following.

  • Reinforcing pad fabrication, including layout cutting, drills and tapping the weep hole
  • Nozzle neck fabrication, including layout, cut, & bevel pipe/layout, form, weld inspect plate neck.
  • Component fabrication such as fit and welding of one or two piece pad to vessel shell and nozzle neck.
  • Inspection & Testing-radiographic inspection, UT, PT, MT, air test and non-destructive tests required when using component custom pressure vessel connections.
  • Handling several components to and from work stations.
  • Having to inspection and mark each component for identification and traceability.

By offering our customers custom pressure vessel connections and long weld neck flanges as one component it saves time and money. From purchasing and expediting one part versus three parts to maintaining and documenting fewer forged components and parts, FCI can reduce your production costs. For more information please click on our product section.

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