What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 3

API Wellhead Component Manufacturing
2017 August28

This is the final post in our series describing wellhead components and their functions. For more information, check out What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 1 and Part 2.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree serves a vital function on many wells. A Christmas tree is a series of valves, spools, chokes, and pressure gauges used to control the well’s production during drilling operations. It is often used on producing wells to inject chemicals, alcohols, or oil distillates to solve production problems such as blockages. A Christmas tree is usually only used on a well with no pressure containment requirement that does not require any pumps.

Production Tubing

Production tubing is one component of a well’s production string. The tubing produces reservoir fluid and protects the wellbore from corrosion, wear and tear, and debris such as sand and silt. If the well has more than one zone of production, it may contain up to four lines of production tubing.

Conductor Pipe

Conductor pipes are typically used on land wells to prevent the sides of the hole from caving into the wellbore. The pipe is one of many casing strings. It is the casing string put into the well first, sometimes before drilling begins.


An essential component of most wells, a packer isolates the wellhead’s production zones and casing from well pressure. The packer is run into the wellbore, then expanded to create a seal. The packer aids wellhead production by separating different producing zones, facilitating artificial lift, supporting part of the weight of the tubing, and protecting the production casing from corrosion. One common type of packer is the production packer, or test packer, which is squeezed to force part of the component to expand. Another type is the inflatable packer, which is filled with fluid to expand.

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