Oil refinery purpose crude oil products

What is the Purpose of the Oil Refinery?

Crude oil is the term for oil that is unprocessed. It is one of an essential material currently used today. There is a wide range of uses for oil, and the process of refining makes many of them possible. Our team at Forged Components wants to provide you with some information that will help you understand the oil refinery’s purpose.

Oil refinery purpose crude oil products

Key Products Generated By Oil Refineries

There are some key products that today’s oil refineries generate. These products are detailed below.

Crude Oil

The process of oil refining begins with the product known as crude oil. This oil is unrefined liquid petroleum. Its chemical makeup includes thousands of various chemicals. These include hydrocarbons that have varying boiling points. The process of transporting crude oil is undertaken by different transportation systems that include pipelines.

Usable Products Are Generated Through Crude Oil Refinement

A variety of products can be produced through the process of oil refinement. They are some of the fundamental products that are currently in use today for transportation. These products include fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel.

Liquids Are Utilized in Gasoline as Well as Other Finished Products

Liquids often undergo an additional level of refinement after distillation has completed. This allows for the creation of additional products that are considered valuable.

Today’s oil refineries utilize more than just crude oil. They also add additional liquids and oils during the production of finished products. Motor gasoline utilized across the United States results from the blending of fuel ethanol and various blending components. Biomass-based diesel fuel can also be added to create blends of heating oil, jet fuel, and biomass-based diesel. This is added to petroleum fuels.

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