How Forged Steel Rings Are Created and Used

2014 December3

Forged metals are one of the biggest businesses inside the manufacturing industry. Almost all other industries need forged components.

Applications for Forged Steel Rings

Machines and equipment need forged components to prevent fatigue and wear and tear. Vehicles need forged metals on tension areas of the vehicle such as kingpins, steering arms, and in gears and joints. Valves and pipes need forged components to lessen the possibility of corrosion due to high levels of pressure passing through them.

A variety of hand tools are forged, such as surgical tools, garden tools, sockets, hooks, and eye bolts. Almost all industries make use of forged metals to make their equipment more durable.

The process of forging includes compressing materials into specific shapes. Forging uses the help of different materials and temperatures. Different metals may need “hot”, “warm”, or “cold” temperatures during forging.

The Process of Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

In the case of forged steel rings, the process used is called a seamless rolled ring forging. Forging with this process lays two ends flat in extremely hot temperature. The ideal temperature is when it has started to deform in a plastic-like appearance. On steel with a grade of 1020, you will need 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Afterwards, the metal is pierced in the middle through the use of a punch. A shear punch is used to remove the piece of metal punched earlier. This results in a hole. At this point, the metal is now preformed and ready to ring rolled.

The preformed metal is placed on an ID roll, which will squeeze it. This makes the metal thinner and its diameter to expand. The steel ring has to go through different processes for testing.

Forged Steel Rings are the Most Common

Forged steel rings are the most common in forged metals. You can find them in machinery and equipment, vehicles, pipes and valves, and other hardware. Almost all vehicles and other heavy machinery make use of them because they are durable and easy to replace and look for. Common areas to find forged steel rings are in torsion bars, steering arms, power trains, and kingpins.

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