The Variety of Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Available at Forged Components

2015 January22

The Variety of Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Available at Forged Components

Companies that need seamless rolled rings will find that they can order them in various shapes and sizes at Forged Components. Each individual ring can be made into a size ranging anywhere from a couple inches to 300 in diameter. They can also weigh as little as one pound, or as much as 300,000 pounds. Even though the rectangle is the most common shape, customized and complex shapes can be made to fit a wide variety of purposes.

Industries That Use Seamless Rolled Rings

Industries like gas and oil workers, shipbuilders, aircraft manufacturers, heating system manufacturers, and those who use valves in manufacturing engines most commonly exercise the use of seamless rolled rings. Those in the oil industry use the parts for subsea, surface exploration, and fracking.

Fracking is another name for hydraulic fracturing, a new technique that extracts oil by shooting large volumes of water at high pressure through metal pipes beneath the earth’s surface. Subsea, surface gas, and oil exploration require sturdy metal that can tolerate the elements and pressure.

To ensure the production of safe, functional vehicles, it’s also essential for aircraft and vehicle engines to have durable metal. Heating and air systems also make use of forged parts.

The Many Uses of Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

Seamless rolled ring forging is just one of the many uses metal forging has. This metal working technique also works to create cylinders, flanged connectors, bars, tubes, and pipes. Alloys and metals can also create shafts, pumps, bearings, stabilizers, and hubs.

Our forging experts are capable of creating the strongest, most reliable seamless rolled rings. When dealing with a forged rings manufacturer it is important to buy only from reputable companies that have the skill, experience and products you require.

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