Tolerances in Rolled Ring Forging

2015 August24

The tolerance standards from the ASME recognize the problematic variances of seamless rolled rings in any process. These tolerances allow for slight differentiation in the products made by a forged rings manufacturer. In the seamless rolled ring forging process, there is a higher rate of precision that consistently puts finished products well within the accepted tolerance standards.

How Rolled Ring Forging Creates Higher Ratios

Rolled ring forging is able to create a higher ratio of exact and identical products through a fixed process. In the process, a hole is punched into a piece of metal that has been heated to a malleable state. After the metal has been pierced, it is placed between an outer diameter ring and an inner diameter ring.

The O.D. ring and the I.D. ring will press against the metal donut as it turns, stretching the diameter to the desired thickness. The thickness of the wall to its height can be in any ratio from 1:16 to 16:1. (Forging Industry Association. (n.d.). Retrieved August 13, 2015)

Design Possibilities for Seamless Rolled Rings

Products are also more durable and can be customized to save extra steps in construction, which will result in lower overall costs. Seamless rolled ring forging is well known for the creating an extensive amount of diverse products. While many rings are formed into a simple rectangular flange, the design possibilities for rings can meet countless requirements.

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