Petrochemical plant forged components

What is the Difference Between a Tubing Head and Casing Head?

The following information discusses the differences between tubing heads and casing heads. Continue reading to find out more about key points related to this topic. You can also reach out to our team here at Forged Components for more information regarding the subject.

Petrochemical plant forged components

The Three Phases Each Wellbore Goes Through

Each wellbore goes through three phases. These phases include:

  1. Drill Pipe Drilling– Durable steel is the material utilized for drill pipes. They can conduct the force to the drill’s bit.
  2. Lining Through the Utilization of Casing– Outer tubes are referred to as casing. These casings line the wellbore, which protects the soil layers above the groundwater. It protects them from being contaminated by both the drilling mud as well as the frac fluids.
  3. Production Through the Use of Tubing– Tubing is utilized to transport gas and oil from the well to the surface. This constitutes the wellbore’s third phase.

Understanding Casing Head

Other names for casing head include Braden head, casing bowl, or the starting head. It is also commonly referred to as the a-section. This casing head is capable of interfacing with the pressure control equipment at the surface. It is a required adapter that is utilized between the initial casing string and the wellhead or BOP stack.

Understanding Tubing Head

A tubing head is another key wellhead component. This component has a body that includes a pair of forged flanges. The tubing head supports the tubing hanger. It also provides an attachment to the wellhead’s Christmas tree. A key function of the tubing head is the sealing off pressure that exists between the tubing annulus and the casing. At the same time, it connects the tubing adapter. These heads are available in a wide range of sizes and types.

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